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Last Updated: 09/08/2020
Aside from the obvious benefits and convenience of being able to gamble from the comfort of home, there’s plenty of other perks to playing online casino games.'s Casino Games guide breaks down the most popular game types, what top casinos offer those online games as well as any other questions gamblers might have about online casino games.

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Our Most Popular Games

Casino games are the building blocks of most gambling businesses around the world. Their deep history is intertwined into the history of the world and their massive popularity is evident when observing casino culture from all parts of the globe, both off and online. What better place for such universally appealing forms of leisure than the World Wide Web. One doesn’t need to make the trip to a local brick-and-mortar casino in order to take in the excitement. One only needs an online payment processor and a functioning internet-connected computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device to partake in the action.

Top NJ Casino Games

Slots are the building blocks of any casino as they often add color and excitement to create the atmosphere experienced both at brick-and-mortar and online casinos. With a literal multitude of options, styles and themes to choose from, players can step right up and choose the slot that appeals most to their personality and take a spin. As the reels spin, players hope to match up symbols and numbers to win prizes both big and small. These are usually the cheapest of options as a single spin could cost as little as one cent, which makes re-spins all the more easy to afford.

Progressive slots offer the biggest paydays as a player can take home a literal life-changing amount of winnings. While progressive slots work the same way as a normal slot, they involve a network of games and each time a player pulls the lever a small amount is added to the jackpot. The jackpot grows and grows until one lucky player hits the correct combination to unlock prizes that could reach the millions.

Table Games Online in New Jersey

The object of Roulette is incredibly simple: Make a bet on where the ball will land on the wheel. Where it gets a little more complex is when you break down the types of bets that can be made on a round of roulette as the list is fairly extensive.

First, Inside Bets include several basic varieties: Straight Up, in which a player bets on a particular number for a shot at a massive 35-1 payout, Split, in which a player bets on two neighbouring numbers/squares for a 17-1 payout, Street, in which a player bets on three neighbouring numbers for an 11-1 payout, Six Line, which allows a player to make two street bets for a 5-1 payout and Corner, in which a player places a bet on four neighbouring squares for an 8-1 payout.

Outside Bets include slightly more complex bets including: Dozens, in which a player bets that the ball will land on a number from 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36 for a 2-1 payout, Colors, in which a player bets on either red or black for 1-1 odds, Odd and Even, in which players bet on either an odd or even number for a 1-1 payout, High and Low, in which players bet on columns containing 12 numbers that will be played at the same time for a 2-1 payout.

Maybe one of the more entertaining games to play online is Craps, especially for beginning players. This is due to the fact that the game has a particular etiquette to it and the jargon can seem a little daunting to the uninitiated at first. For a brief breakdown of the terminology: Craps, the name of the game, involves a come out roll of two, three or 12. The Shooter is the person throwing the dice and the Bones are another name for the dice. ‘Big’ Bets are bets that a certain total will arrive before rolling a seven. Wrong Better / Betting Wrong is betting on the Don’ts and a Cold Table is when the shooters at the table aren’t landing the point.

Card Games Online in New Jersey

Poker is one of the most popular casino games around thanks to its focus on skill in congruence with blind luck. It has a few different variations: the most popularized is Texas Hold ‘em while Caribbean Stud and Pai Gow are other versions featured in some online casinos. Texas Hold'em is played in competition against the rest of the table rather than the dealer. It begins with the players receiving two cards each and then trying to build the best possible five-card hand with those two cards and five cards flipped face-up in the center of the table.

Blackjack, also commonly known as twenty-one, is unique in that it pits the player against the dealer of the cards. The cards assigned points specific to the game: 2-10 for numerical cards 2-10, 10 for jacks, kings and queens, and a choice of 1 or 11 for Aces. The object is to begin with 2 cards and either achieve a score of 21 on the first draw (called a blackjack) without a coinciding blackjack for the dealer, to achieve a higher score than the dealer while not exceeding 21 or to not exceed 21 and have the dealer do so to “bust”.

There are three versions of Baccarat, but the most popular is punto banco otherwise known as North American Baccarat. Once again cards are given unique valuations by points: 2 through 9 are face value, tens, jacks, queens and kings are worth zero and Aces are worth one. The aim of a baccarat hand is to have the highest score. The player does not make any choices in terms of taking extra cards; after the betting is finished the house will deal two cards to two different hands, followed by a third according to a set of predetermined rules. In Punto Banco the player can bet on their own hand (Punto), the banker’s hand (Banco), or a tie. The values of the cards in each hand are added and compared in order to find a winner. The essence of the game is in predicting the hand values closest to 9.

Online Keno

Keno involves picking numbers ranging from 1 through 80 and then 20 numbers are drawn using a random number generator. Players are paid out based on how many numbers they picked that match the drawn numbers and the amount of their wager by predetermined paytables usually unique to the casino.

Understanding House Edge and Payout Percentages

The House Edge is a name for the mathematical advantage that the casino game you are playing at a given time has over you. Some games maintain a bigger advantage than others at the risk of giving out a higher payout so it’s important to understand that when choosing what to play.

For example, Blackjack has a house edge of generally 0.5% while Keno gives the house a 25% advantage. One is more evenly matched as it’s played against the dealer one-on-one with a relatively smaller pot on the line. Keno is essentially playing the lottery in a casino against other players and a large amount of things need to go right to win, but the prizes and payouts may be bigger.

Moving from low to high, Craps gives the house a 0.8% edge, Baccarat grants a 1.06% edge, Roulette offers a 5.5% advantage to the house, normal Slot Machines provide a 0 to 17% edge, and Progressive Slots offer a 5 to 17% advantage for the house.

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