5 Casino Items to Make Your Home Look Even Better

5 Casino Items to Make Your Home Look Even Better
By Jon Young

A trip to the casino is always a special thing. From the thrill of playing your favourite games in a ‘real life’ environment (rather than on the small screen of your phone or tablet), to the glamour and the sophistication of your surroundings, a trip to a games-house is rarely anything other than a truly unforgettable experience.

It’s no wonder then that many homeowners want to recreate those feelings within the four walls of their own properties – a trend which has given rise to a category of home furnishings that we would have to describe as ‘casino inspired’.

From the minimalist to the downright gaudy, and from the affordable to the mightily expensive, there are casino-inspired items to suit all homes out there, and it only takes a routine inspection of your favourite search engine to find them.

Here are five pieces that will really enhance the look and feel of your home:

#1 – Blackjack/Poker Table Coverings

If you’ve ever forked out for a solid wood dining table or desk, you’ll know the feelings of angst and nervousness that accompany anybody sitting at it.

‘Don’t scratch it!’ is the first thought that enters the mind as your pride and joy gets ready to seat a pack of unruly children, or worse still a clumsy adult holding a bowl of spaghetti in tomato sauce.

In this case a table protector comes highly recommended, and with a quick hunt online you’ll be able to find one that comes with either a blackjack or poker table style design for a quirky and fun twist.

It’s a fantastic purchase as you can actually enjoy a few hands of cards without needing to change the layout of your home, and who knows: perhaps an impromptu game of Texas Hold ‘em will break out with sweets, crisps, peanuts or, erm, chips acting as poker chips.

2# – Las Vegas Skyline Picture/Wallpaper

A home interior trend that never seems to go away is rather funky wall coverings, and if you want to pay homage to the global headquarters of betting then you can.

Take a look online and you’ll find numerous options available when it comes to Las Vegas-inspired wallpapers: from chic black-and-white landscapes to bright, neon murals of Sin City, you can bring a slice of Vegas style to your home wherever it may be.

Of course, given the gaudy nature of LV’s ‘strip’, it might be worth using the wallpaper on just one feature wall, rather than bedecking your whole home out in it.

If the thought of casino-flavoured wallpaper is a bit too much to stomach, why not settle for a nice picture to hang on the wall instead. From charcoal sketches to colourful photography, there are plenty of options to choose from.

#3 – Dice Chairs

Chairs…they can be so boring sometimes, can’t they?

If you have some seating sitting dormant in the corner of the room, why not replace it with something altogether more interesting?

You can actually buy soft, beanbag-style chairs that are in the shape and form of dice. Not only do these squashy seats look great, they can also be used by the kids to play games with.

#4 – Slot Machine Door Mural

Internal door murals are becoming more and more popular with homeowners these days. For the uninitiated, these are sheets of vinyl you stick over a door that have a unique design on them – the notion being that these are more aesthetically pleasing than your standard wood or white-painted door.

There are some rather distinctive door murals available online, and one sub-category that will really make a statement in your property is that of a casino scene.

From a top-down view of a roulette table to a landscape made up of banks of }slot machines, a door mural is a subtle but striking way to bring a touch of casino glamour into your home.

#5 – Opulent Chandeliers

Some of the most visually arresting sights in a casino, from Vegas to London and from Macau to Monaco, are the huge chandeliers which often act as the focal point of the room. Indeed, some are so grand that they wouldn’t even fit inside the traditional home.

But of course, it’s easy enough to purchase a scaled-down version for our own properties, and while they might not offer the opulence and magnificence of their casino counterparts, they can still recreate a sense of the glamour in our own living quarters.



Jon Young is a writer and magazine editor with over 12 years' experience in the gaming sector. He has written on everything from poker and slots to casino, sports betting and mobile gambling. When not trying to take down the Mega Moolah jackpot he can be found playing poker tournaments in casinos.

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