NJ Online Casino Deposit Options

Discover the best online casino deposit methods to use in New Jersey. Whether you’re a Play+, PayPal, Visa or MasterCard player, we have the ultimate guide to making online gambling payments.

Making instant casino deposits is a breeze at legal New Jersey sites. As long as you are over 21 and have passed the verification checks, you can transfer funds immediately. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular NJ casino deposit methods available to online casino players.

NJ Online Casino Deposit Methods

  • Play+

    • Good: Great acceptance rates; make ATM withdrawals
    • Bad: Need a bank card or bank account to transfer cash
    • Deposit time: Instant
    • Withdrawals? Yes

    Play+ is a prepaid card that is offered by most NJ casinos. In fact, you can apply for a Play+ card directly through your online casino account after you register.

    Play+ is one of the best casino deposit methods for online gambling. You can fund your account with transfers from a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card, or via echeck. Then, simply transfer the cash into your casino account. You can even make withdrawals back onto your prepaid card and then withdraw the money at an ATM.

  • PayPal

    • Good: Widely accepted at NJ casinos; fast and secure payments
    • Bad: Wallet charges for some deposit methods; may be ineligible for casino bonuses
    • Deposit time: Instant
    • Withdrawals? Yes

    PayPal is a world-leading online e-wallet that lets you store cash from multiple cards and accounts. You can transfer PayPal funds instantly into your casino account, and the casino won’t charge.

    PayPal deposit limits are usually quite wide. A casino player can transfer from just $10 into their online casino account and cash out money within a day or two. There are fees associated with funding your wallet. You will normally incur a charge of 2-3% when transferring cash from a debit or credit card. However, the acceptance rates for PayPal are high.

    Some casinos will also make you ineligible for a deposit bonus or other welcome bonus if you used PayPal to make your first transaction. Always check the terms and conditions before you make a deposit.

  • PayNearMe

    • Good: Avoid online payments; use cash instead of a card
    • Bad: Deposit fees apply; deposits in person and with cash only, and only at participating locations
    • Deposit time: 30 minutes
    • Withdrawals? No

    PayNearMe is a cash payment service provided at local 7-Eleven, Family Dollar and CVS stores in the US. Simply visit your local outlet and make a cash deposit from $10-$500. Your funds will appear in your casino account within half an hour.

    PayNearMe is a great payment option for online casino banking if you want to avoid using a credit or debit card. However, watch out for fees. Deposit charges range from $2.99 to $4.99 when you transfer money.

    PayNearMe deposit fees

    • $10-$299: $2.99
    • $300-$500: $3.99
    • $501-$1,000: $4.99
  • ACH/e-Check

    • Good: Secure online casino payment option; widely accepted at NJ casinos
    • Bad: Long withdrawal times
    • Deposit time: Instant
    • Withdrawals? Yes

    Many NJ casinos allow online cash deposits using an e-check provider like VIP Preferred. e-checks use the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system to allow a safe and encrypted wire transfer from your checking account. You never have to use your credit card, and acceptance rates are high.

    To use the e-check/ACH system, you’ll need your bank account number and 9-digit Bank ABA/Routing Number. Simply enter the amount you want to transfer and hit the Submit button.

    Deposits with an e-check are instant, and you can even make withdrawals. However, watch out for long cash out times. You might have to wait 4-5 business days for a completed withdrawal.

  • Neteller

    • Good: Secure online e-wallet banking method; high acceptance rates
    • Bad: Not widely available in NJ; wallet fees apply; low daily limits
    • Deposit time: Instant
    • Withdrawals? Yes

    Neteller is one of the most trusted methods to make an online gambling site payment in 2020. You can store cash from multiple accounts and cards in one safe online e-wallet. Then, transfer as much cash as you like directly to your casino account.

    Neteller isn’t widely accepted at NJ casinos in 2020, but it’s the perfect alternative to traditional credit cards that have poor acceptance rates. If you use a Visa or MasterCard for gambling, you can simply fund your Neteller wallet via your card and transfer the cash into your casino account.

  • Visa

    • Good: Secure online banking; widely accepted in NJ
    • Bad: Credit card charges; high decline rates
    • Deposit time: Instant
    • Withdrawals? Yes

    Visa is a global leader in credit and debit card payment technology. You can use your Visa card to make instant deposits at most New Jersey online casinos. Deposit limits can be quite high, and the casinos won’t charge a fee when you use your card. With some cards, you can also make withdrawals back to your card if it was used to make the initial deposit.

    However, online casino players who try to use Visa still experience declined payments at many online casinos in New Jersey. Even in a regulated state such as NJ, the acceptance rate can be as low as 30%. If you use a Visa card from one of these banks, you may have more success:

    • Chase
    • TD Bank
    • Bank of America
    • HSBC Bank USA
    • Capital One 360
    • PNC
    • Santander
  • MasterCard

    • Good: Secure banking; high transaction limits
    • Bad: High decline rates in NJ; credit card fees; no withdrawal option
    • Deposit time: Instant
    • Withdrawals? No

    MasterCard suffers from the same issues as Visa as some financial institutions will still block a gambling transaction even if it is with a legal casino site. When it works, Mastercard is one of the safest online casino deposit methods in 2020. Use your debit or credit card to make instant transactions, and use your SecureCode number for even safer banking.

    Most NJ casinos allow MasterCard deposit up to $25,000, but watch out for fees if you use a credit card. MasterCard issuers will normally add on a cash advance fee of 2.5-3% on any deposit you make.

    MasterCard withdrawals tend to be prohibited by New Jersey online casinos. It pays to have an alternative option like PayPal or bank transfer.

  • Skrill

    • Good: Send cash using a single email address; instant deposits; anonymous payments
    • Bad: Skrill fees apply; MasterCard funds will be declined; typically ineligible for casino bonuses
    • Deposit time: Instant
    • Withdrawals? Yes

    Skrill is one of the top deposit methods for online casino players using an e-wallet. With one Skrill wallet a casino player can transfer up to $2,500 a day into a casino account.

    You can fund your Skrill wallet with debit or credit cards, bank transfers or other e-wallet cash. Then just use your email address at the casino cashier to deposit money. You can even make withdrawals back to your Skrill account within 1-2 days.

    Like most e-wallets, you will be charged for funding your Skrill account with credit cards. Fees vary, but you can find a full list of charges at Skrill.com. If you used a MasterCard to fund your e-wallet, the casino may decline the payment.

The Importance of Picking the Right Payment Method

There are around a dozen great casino payment methods for NJ gamblers in 2020. It’s important to choose the right deposit method for you.

For example, credit cards offer secure and instant deposits, but you will incur charges. Your issuing bank may also decline the transaction. E-wallets are widely accepted, meanwhile, but the daily deposit limits can be low. You may also be declined if you funded your wallet with a credit card.

The prepaid Play+ card was created as a deposit method for online casino and sportsbook players and can be used at multiple sites.

And if you prefer using cash, PayNearMe is a great alternative to regular NJ online casino deposit methods. But the maximum deposit limits are low, and you’ll be charged.

Before you commit, always check your casino’s cashier page. The cashier will list all available deposit methods for the online casino, and tell you what withdrawal options are possible. By choosing the right casino deposit method, you can get playing your favorite games in no time.


What is the easiest payment method to use?

A debit or credit card are easy to use for deposits, assuming your issuing bank doesn’t block the transaction. Just enter your long number, expiration date and security code to complete the transaction. Play+ cards, at casinos that accept them, work extremely well.

How do I make a deposit on an NJ online casino site?

To deposit, log in to your casino account and go to the Cashier tab. Select the deposit option and choose the banking method you want to use. Enter the deposit amount and any card or account details you need. Click the Submit button to complete the transaction.

Which payment method is the best for withdrawals?

Play+ is great, because with the physical card you can withdraw cash from an ATM. An e-wallet like PayPal or Skrill is also one of the best casino payment options for withdrawals. Cash outs only take 1-2 days, and you won’t be charged a fee.

Which option is the fastest deposit method?

E-wallets, Play+ and debit/credit cards are the fastest online casino deposit methods. You will often receive your funds in seconds.

Which option has the highest fees?

Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard carry a cash advance fee worth 2.5-3% of the whole balance. You may also be charged a fee when first funding your e-wallet with a credit card or prepaid voucher.

How can I make sure a gambling site is safe before depositing?

Always read our reviews at TopNJCasinos. We only recommend the safest online casinos with the right NJ DGE license and guaranteed auditing. When you deposit, your payments will be encrypted and your funds will kept in segregated accounts.