America’s Sleepiest States: New Jersey Ranks Near Top Of Unenviable List

By Christopher Boan

With the new year freshly upon us, now is the time for many Americans to set aside the old and bring in something new.  

It appears that for New Jersey residents, such a personal reevaluation should begin with their sleep cycles, as the Garden State ranked near the top of an unenviable list.

That’s because New Jersey ranked in a tie with Mississippi as the seventh sleepiest state in America, thanks to residents’ long commute hours and lack of sleep.  

After a long holiday season with family and the ending of the year, people can be exhausted. At, we took a break from NJ sports betting to look at which states are the most tired going into 2023. utilized three combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 states from "most sleepy" to "most well-rested." We utilized WebMD’s ranking of “Most Sleepy” based on surveys, the U.S. Census’ ranking of “Longest Commutes,” and’s “Most Work Hours.”  

Here’s what we found for the Garden State.

Rank State Most Sleepy Survey Ranking Longest Commutes Ranking Most Work Hours Ranking
1 Georgia 679
2 West Virginia 11713
3 Tennessee 22111
4 Louisiana 10196
5 Texas 17154
6 Florida 51022
T-7 New Jersey 12328
T-7 Mississippi 92410
9 Alabama 82317

Why New Jersey Scored So Poorly in 2022

It seems that New Jersey’s proximity to the business districts of New York City and Philadelphia played a large role in the state’s ranking on our list.  

That’s because the Garden State had the third-longest commutes of any state in the country, behind Maryland, tanking New Jersey’s standing on the sleepiest states list.  

New Jersey also scored poorly in WebMD’s ranking of states that were “most sleepy” based on surveys, finishing with the 12th lowest ranking by that category.  

One thing that the state has going for it, when it comes to sleep statistics, is that New Jersey residents only had the 28th most work hours of any state in the country.  

That means that Garden State residents can at least feel good about their collective work-life balance, as they scored a lot better than neighboring states.  

New Jersey ranked ahead of neighboring states by that metric, including Delaware and Maryland, who were three and seven spots below the state overall.  

Residents of New Jersey were generally more well rested than those in Georgia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida, who topped our "sleepiness rankings" for 2023.  

Regardless, it’s still probably a good idea for New Jersey residents to set a goal of resetting their circadian rhythms in 2023, so the state can avoid being near the top of our sleepiness rankings come 2024.  

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Christopher Boan has covered the sports and sports betting industries for more than seven years, for publications such as, the Tucson Weekly and the Green Valley News.

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