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New Jersey is home to some of the hottest new sportsbooks in the US, and TopNJCasinos is where you can find the best NJ Sportsbooks the state has to offer. Our purpose is to help NJ sports betting fans find the top online sportsbooks available on the brand new Garden State market.

Finding Top NJ Sportsbooks

The NJ online sports betting industry may not have the tradition of markets like Las Vegas or the United Kingdom, but the state has done a lot in a little bit of time to emerge as a key player in the global sports betting movement.

The competition between the first NJ online sportsbooks has been palpable which is good news for those trying to find one specified to their particular tastes.

However, not just instate competition, but competition amongst sportsbooks around the world both in the UK and Vegas play a factor in determining odds and other features offered by most online betting sites.

NJ sportsbooks have a long way ahead of them, for certain and still need to up the proverbial ante in some areas to catch their global counterparts, but if early indications are anything, NJ online sportsbooks are making impressive first impressions.

Most Popular Sports to Bet On

Now that sports betting is taking form in the US, we can see which sports are the most popular to bet on to date.

What’s the Latest on NJ Sports Betting

Is Sports Betting in NJ legal?

Yes. Sports betting became legal in the state of New Jersey back in May 2018 thanks to a landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. The high court decided to rule in favor of NJ governor Phil Murphy in the case of NCAA v. Murphy and strike down PASPA, a 1992 federal ban on sports betting.

The fight was a long and arduous one for the Garden State, but as a reward it became one of the first states to fully allow sports betting outside of Las Vegas giving it a major competitive advantage against neighboring New York.

How Can I Take Part in NJ Sports Betting?

To join in on the fun, users need to be either New Jersey residents or simply be located within state boundaries at the time of the wagering and to collect their wagers.

Signing up can be as simple as creating a username and password for some sites, but others might require a little more information to place the first bet.

New Jersey leads the nation each month in sports betting handle, having overtaken Nevada as the top state. In September 2021, New Jersey became the first state ever to record more than $1 billion in sports betting handle for one month, recording $1.01 billion. That mark only lasted for a month because in October, New Jersey recorded $1.3 billion in sports betting handle.

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Best Online Sports Betting Tips

Sports betting online can be difficult to become consistently good at as an investment and commitment to accruing more sports knowledge must be made along with the monetary investments and commitments made while wagering.

Being a good sports bettor and a big sports fan are two very different things as oftentimes the biases and personal stakes in competitions should be taken out of the equation. Events should be viewed as impartially as possible by the bettor to make the most informed decisions at the virtual betting booth.

This is the number one thing to remember when actually placing sports bets in NJ, but what sets one sportsbook apart from another?

Let’s explore than in the next section.

Comparing the Best NJ Sports Betting Sites

Things to Consider When Looking at NJ Online Sportsbooks

There are several different factors to consider when trying to discern which online sports betting outlet will be best for you. Having that knowledge going in to your search is part of why we’re here at TopNJSportsbooks.com.

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide users and NJ sports betting fans with the information and best sportsbook reviews they need to make the best choice for themselves based on their own personal criteria and preferences.

The following list provides an in-depth look at unique features that every NJ online sportsbook may or may not have. These key areas should be observed by the prospective sports bettor so that they might hone in on their ideal match.

  • Betting Lines
  • Betting lines can differ from sportsbook to sportsbook and be a key factor when choosing one. Bigger payouts can be the ultimate deciding factor, in fact, to those taking the time to compare them.

  • Sports and Markets Offered
  • The types of sports and markets for each of those sports is another important factor for most bettors. After all, if one sportsbook offers a specific market that another might not, it will surely steer a potential customer its way.

  • Betting Features
  • NJ Sports betting sites may offer special features unique to their own brand or have better versions of the same features. Live betting, for example, has become a fairly uniform feature on most betting sites, but some may offer an more in-depth experience than others. Some may offer live-streaming video content, while others may take a more bare bones approach. Early cash outs are another common feature offered by some sites and factors like the timing of the cash out and amount can all factor into analyzing which sportsbook does it best.

  • Mobile App
  • Does a site offer a slick mobile app or a layout friendly with mobile web browsers? Either way, it’s important to see how each NJ online sportsbook holds up when pulled up out in the field. Bettors won’t be able to always place bets from the convenience of home, and most providers understand this. Having a killer app or simply streamlining a mobile site can be make-or-break for consumers looking to do their betting on the go.

  • Welcome Bonuses
  • With so many brand new customers in NJ, sportsbooks are eager to draw them in. What better way to do so than with Welcome Bonuses for first-time users? When picking the best deals its important to remember to read to fine print, that is look at each offers’ betting requirements as these will often determine the best choice. That’s often a better gauge than the amount of the offer itself, usually displayed in big bold fonts with the details a little harder to find.

  • Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  • Once new customers are brought in, it’s important for NJ online sportsbooks to keep them invested. That’s where a host of different rewards and loyalty programs come in. If customers are expected to consistently put their money at risk, most sportsbooks realize that little boosts every once in a while go a long way. Potential bettors should thus be sure to take a look at what each site’s accumulative rewards programs look like and how often they repay them.

  • Withdrawal and Deposit Options
  • Finally, another pivotal question: How can you place bets without the funds in the account to do so? Generally sites that accept the most variety of payment options are preferable, but withdrawal is equally as important. No one wants to wait the maximum amount of time to receive their hard-earned winnings, obviously.


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