Betting On College Basketball In NJ

By Dan Kilbridge

NCAA basketball betting is a top draw among collegiate sports bettors, but cutting down the nets with huge profits at the end of the year isn’t just about knowing how to bet on college basketball. TopNJCasinos offers in-depth reviews about the top online college basketball betting sites in New Jersey with news, information, college basketball betting lines and other important betting essentials.

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Online College Basketball Betting

There are more than 350 Division I college basketball teams that play in 32 NCAA conferences. The goal is simple: Win enough games to earn a chance at an NCAA college basketball national championship by being selected to play in the NCAA Tournament. Donned March Madness by those who follow the action, the NCAA Tournament is one of the top collegiate sporting events in the US.

With so many teams playing so many games, there are numerous chances for sharp bettors to make smart plays on college basketball betting markets. Every team plays around 30 games during the regular season and then heads to the conference tournament, a single-elimination showcase of NCAA basketball. The best teams go on from there to the postseason where the NCAA Tournament leads the field followed by the rest of the best heading to other tournaments such as the NIT.

College Basketball Betting Lines

Knowing how to bet on college basketball starts with the fundamentals. Just as a college basketball player needs to have the basics of shooting, dribbling and passing down, so does a college basketball bettor have to understand the point spread, the moneyline and the over/under.

Point Spread

The point spread is a popular option in college basketball because the format allows more bets to be placed on the underdog. The point spread indicates the number of points the favored team must win by in order for bets to pay out. It also shows how many points the underdog can lose by and still pay out for winning bets.

Bookmakers like Unibet NJ offer point spread bets on high scoring sports like college basketball because it invites more betting action. In essence, point spreads handicap bettors who back the favorite and gives benefit to those backing the underdog.

When looking at the point spread, the team with the minus symbol (-) is the favorite and has to win by more than that number of points. The team with the plus symbol (+) is the underdog and can do anything but lose by more than that same number. An example:

Duke -5.5 | Kentucky +5.5

Bets backing Duke pay out so long as Duke wins by more than 5.5 points. On the other hand, bets on Kentucky will still pay out even if they lose the game but do it by less than the point spread.


The moneyline features two numbers that determine profits for bets placed on each team to win outright. The favored team is noted by the negative number and is the dollar amount one wagers in order to win $100. The underdog is noted by the positive number and is the dollar amount wins from placing a $100 bet.

Duke -200 | Kentucky +125

To win $100 on Duke, a bet of $200 must be placed backing them. On the other hand, a $100 bet on Kentucky returns $125 in winnings if Kentucky wins.


The over/under (sometimes referred to as O/U, over-under or totals) is usually a bet placed on the total number of points scored by both teams. An O/U bet doesn’t have anything to do with who wins the game. Instead, the O/U is about the total number of points scored by both teams and whether that number is over (i.e. higher than) the O/U number or under it (i.e. lower).

Duke vs. Kentucky | O/U 161.5

A 161.5 O/U for Duke vs Kentucky pays out on the over if the total number of points scored by both teams is more than 161.5 (example: Duke 85, Kentucky 83). The under pays out if the teams score a combined total less than 161.5 (example: Duke 76, Kentucky 70.

How to Choose the Best College Basketball Betting Sites

TopNJCasinos is a trusted resource that will help you find the best college basketball betting sites. With comprehensive coverage featuring in-depth reviews about the best fully legal sportsbooks in New Jersey, you’ll be armed with the types of essential news and betting information that will help take your college basketball betting strategy to the next level.

Our site includes all the different betting options and college basketball betting lines. This includes regular season, conference tournament and March Madness betting lines from the best online bookmakers in New Jersey.

And don’t forget to compare sign-up bonuses! Many online sportsbooks make special offers to help entice bettors to select them as their bookmaker of choice. At our site, you can compare these offers and bonuses to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

College Basketball Betting Site Reviews

TopNJCasinos is packed with in-depth reviews on the top online college basketball betting sites in New Jersey. Our reviews include the most essential information about the best online college basketball betting sites including user experience, types of payment methods accepted and more.

How to Bet on College Basketball Games

Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of college basketball betting action. With so many games played over the course of a season, there are plenty of games to bet on as well as a wealth of futures and prop bets.

Popular bets on college basketball futures include picking the national champion and winners of the difference conferences. Because seasons are so long and so much can happen, there are many different teams with long odds early in the season that can pay huge dividends if the right futures bet is placed.

College Basketball Betting Tips

The best college basketball picks are made by thorough research and painstaking analysis. There are vast amounts of statistics available for NCAA basketball bettors to read and interpret but the best bettors are the ones who consistently stay on top of this information.


In basketball, single players can make huge impacts on teams far beyond what can happen in just about any other sport. Every year, a few high-profile college basketball players enter the scene and make drastic differences in the performance of their teams. It’s important to know who these types of players are, what their skill sets are and how they fit into the rest of the college basketball world.


Some of the best college basketball programs are one’s guided by perennial coaching powerhouses. But it’s not all about X’s and O’s. These coaches are also excellent talent evaluators and recruiters who go out and get legacy changing players on a consistent basis. Knowing the top coaches, their strengths and weaknesses and their historical performances is an important part of forming a winning college basketball betting strategy.

Situational Factors

Players who compete in indoor sports like college basketball don’t suffer from extreme weather conditions, but other situational factors can still play a huge role during the season. Some teams rely heavily on homecourt advantages in which opposing teams just can’t seem to make a dent. And that same team at home might look completely different on the road. Moreover, injuries, scandals and grades can all play a huge factor in upcoming games.

What are the Best College Basketball Bets?

The best college basketball bets are the ones that win. Or maybe it’s that the best college basketball bets are the ones that win big. But it’s important to grasp the basics of betting on single games before trying the more sophisticated options. Once mastered, there are many different and exciting ways to bet on college basketball.

  • Game Betting | Single game bets are popular in college basketball because of the long season and many games. College basketball betting action can be had via the point spread, moneyline and O/U.
  • Naismith College Player of the Year | The Naismith is the award given to the top male and female basketball players in college basketball. It is the most prestigious award for NCAA players, and many bettors enjoy backing a player on the futures market to ultimately become the next recipient.
  • March Madness | March Madness is one of the top sporting attractions in the US. Every year, the NCAA tournament is full of surprises as underdogs regularly upset brand-name favorites. This type of environment makes it appealing to bettors because they can cash in on backing the little guys to create havoc in the overall brackets and earn huge profits from it.
  • In-Play Bets | Basketball offers exciting in-play betting opportunities because there can be such wild swings in scores and bookmakers update odds as the game is played. Watching a game closely and seeing the right thing and the right time can lead to huge returns as teams storm back from the brink of defeat to capture the win.

Where Can I Bet on the College Basketball Legally?

With TopNJCasinos you avoid illegal, offshore sportsbooks. The site is the best resource for learning important information on how to legally bet on college basketball games and how to make March Madness bets. Since PASPA was overturned in 2018, there’s now myriad opportunities to make safe and legal college basketball bets in NJ with fully licensed, trusted and secure sportsbooks.


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