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By Dan Kilbridge

TopNJCasinos is the premier destination for those looking for the best legal college football betting sites including NCAA betting lines, online NCAA football betting guides and top college football sportsbooks. New Jersey has some of the best U.S. sites to bet on college football and here you will find relevant news, actionable information and in-depth reviews about those sites.

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Online College Football Betting

Perhaps no sport in the U.S. garners such pageantry and fanfare as college football. While it’s one step below the professional ranks, college football is more popular than its professional counterpart in some areas of the country. NCAA football public betting ranks highly among those looking to make sharp plays on games between the many teams of student athletes fielded by American universities, colleges, and military academies.

The NCAA includes three divisions, and it separates Division I schools into upper and lower groups. Most of the online college football betting action sportsbooks see comes from bets made on teams in Division I FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). This is the highest level of collegiate football.

College Football Betting Lines

Knowing how to read betting lines is tremendously important to selecting NCAA football best bets. Knowing how college football point spreads work, how to bet the moneyline and what the over/under number is can help you make the right bets on the right teams using the best NCAA betting lines available.

Point Spread

The highest volume of NCAA football bets are made via the point spread. Point spreads are popular in high-scoring sports like football and basketball because they let bookmakers go beyond win/loss outcomes, such as those offered via the moneyline, and focus instead on margins of victory. This is especially important in games that would otherwise be considered mismatches.

When betting the point spread on NCAA football, the team with the minus symbol (-) is the bookmaker’s favorite and has to win by more than that number of points for that team’s backers to win. The team with the plus symbol (+) is the underdog and can lose the game so long as they don’t lose by more than the point spread. An example:

Alabama -17 | Texas +17

Bets on Alabama pay out so long as the Crimson Tide win by more than 17 points. Bets backing Texas pay out if the Longhorns win, or do not lose by more than 17.


The moneyline determines winnings and stakes based on $100 increments. The negative number is next to the favorite and is the dollar amount one wagers in order to win $100. The positive is next to the underdog and is the dollar amount wins back on a $100 wager.

Alabama -600 | Texas +350

Alabama backers must wager $600 to win that back plus $100. Conversely, a $100 bet on Texas returns $350 (plus the original $100) if Texas pulls the upset.


The over/under for a game (sometimes referred to as O/U, over-under or totals) doesn’t have anything to do with which team wins. This bet concerns the total points by both teams. With an O/U wager you are betting whether the teams will go over or under that points total.

Alabama vs. Texas | O/U 51.5

For a 51.5 over/under, all bets pay out for the over if the teams combine to score 52 or more points. Otherwise those who bet under win.

How to Choose the Best College Football Betting Sites

Helping you discover the best NCAA football bets is one of the reasons TopNCasinos exists. The decision about which sportsbook to use is a personal preference, but we help you with that important decision by featuring all the best NCAA football betting sites in one place. Equally important, we only feature top online NJ sports betting sites that are safe and legal in the state.

Another important aspect of finding the best college football sportsbook is finding the types and varieties of NCAA football bets offered. Getting the best NCAA football betting lines is safe and easy with TopNJCasinos because we help you compare the many different betting options and best available odds.

Many NCAA football sportsbooks like Unibet NJ offer sign-up bonuses, too. Search here to compare all the enticing offers by the top NCAA football betting sites in New Jersey.

College Football Betting Site Reviews

Finding the right information about safe and legal online college football betting sites is easy at TopNJCasinos, a trusted authority for in-depth reviews for bettors in New Jersey. All our reviews include essential information such as user experience, payment information and online college football betting lines.

How to Bet on College Football Games

Making a bet on NCAA football is as easy as choosing the market, selecting the bookmaker and placing a bet.

Like other sports, NCAA football public betting includes specialized markets like individual statistics, such as total rushing yards or touchdowns thrown by one player. Other NCAA football bets include performances on the futures market, such as which NCAA Division I FBS player will lead the nation in passing yards or what team will win the Southeastern Conference championship.

College Football Betting Tips

The most important aspect of any winning NCAA football betting strategy is thorough research and analysis. It’s always important to know the players, coaches and situational conditions that could impact the final score.


Football is a team sport but talented and skilled individual players, especially those that will someday play in the NFL, can have a tremendous impact on games. Understanding the best players in college football, beyond just knowing what team they’re on, can help NCAA football bettors gain an edge over the bookies.


Coaches have a huge role in NCAA football programs. There are many talented players in NCAA football, but ones guided by top coaches most often enjoy sustained success over the course of a career and season. The best betting strategy includes information on NCAA college football coaches. It’s especially important to understand a coach’s history against other coaches as well as how offensive and defensive schemes match up against each other.

Situational Factors

Weather and other situational factors can also have a huge impact on college football games. A team that runs the ball more than it passes might benefit in extreme weather conditions, and teams used to playing in warmer climates might not be at their best if they have to travel to a colder one.

Moreover, some teams play markedly better at home in front of their fans than they do on the road or in a neutral environment. This is especially important to consider for NCAA football public betting when an underdog which plays well at home faces a favorite in a game that might otherwise be a mismatch.

What are the Best College Football Bets?

Consistently placing winning NCAA football bets boils down to knowing the different types of wagers offered. The best college football bets come down to personal preference and strategy.

  • Game Betting | Single game offers are NCAA college football bets and can be made on either the moneyline or point spreads. The O/U is also a very popular bet.
  • Heisman Trophy | Betting on the most outstanding player in college football, awarded at the end of the season, is another popular NCAA football bet. It’s important to note that, in recent years, only players from the most popular teams have had a chance of winning the award, no matter what amazing statistics other players might put up.
  • College Football Playoffs | Since its 2014 inception, the College Football Playoff, an annual postseason tournament featuring four committee-selected teams from the NCAA Division I FBS, has become a hugely popular betting option. CFP bets can be made on the futures market as well as after the matchups are announced.
  • Bowl Games | After the NCAA football regular season, the best teams play in postseason bowl games. These longstanding traditions have been popular betting options for years and always offer enticing markets.

Where Can I Bet on College Football Legally?

TopNJCasinos is the best place to learn about safe and legal NCAA football betting options in New Jersey. These online betting sites are fully licensed, trusted, secured and 100% legal in New Jersey. When you are here, there’s never any reason to be fooled by illegal, offshore sportsbooks.


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