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By Adam Thompson

New Jersey has some of the best legal online NBA sportsbooks in the US, but sorting through all the information yourself would take tons of time and lots of research. Instead, let TopNJCasinos take some of the guesswork out of your NBA sportsbook selection. Here you will find in-depth reviews, analysis, tips about NBA betting lines and NBA best bets.

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Online NBA Betting

The top destination for the best basketball players in the entire world, the NBA is one of the most popular sports in the US averaging annual viewership numbers around 58 million. With such tremendous fan support and some of the most popular celebrity sporting figures in the world, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy getting into the action by making wagers on NBA games.

There are 30 different teams in the NBA, 15 in the Eastern Conference and 15 in the Western Conference. Each team plays 82 games during the regular season before the top eight teams in each conference head to the playoffs to compete for the chance to make it to the NBA Finals.

The fast-paced excitement of basketball coupled with the increased hype surrounding the playoffs makes the NBA one of the best sports products on television and a thrilling betting experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

NBA Betting Lines

If you want to know how to bet on NBA games, you had better understand how NBA betting lines work. Understanding what the point spread is, how to read the moneyline and what the over/under means is vitally important to any winning NBA betting strategy whether you’re betting on a regular season game or jumping headfirst into NBA Finals betting.

Point Spread

Bookmakers offer point spread bets on high scoring sports like NBA basketball because it invites more betting action on games that would otherwise get less attention. Unlike what happens with bets made via the moneyline, point spread bets focus on the margin of victory instead of who wins the game.

When looking at a point spread, the team with the minus symbol (-) is the favorite and has to win by more than that number of points. The team with the plus symbol (+) is the underdog and can do anything but lose by more than that same number. An example:

Spurs -11 | Bulls +11

Bets on the Spurs win as long as the Spurs win by more than the 11-point spread. On the other hand, bets on the Bulls win even if the Bull lose the game outright but lose by less than 11 points.


The moneyline is comprised of two numbers which determine winnings for bets placed on each team to win outright. The favorite for the game is noted by the negative number and is the dollar amount one must wager to win $100 in profit. The underdog is indicated by a positive number and is the dollar amount one wins in profit from placing a $100 wager.

Spurs -560 | Bulls +410

To win $100 on the Spurs winning the example game, a wager of $560 must be placed on the Spurs. Conversely, a $100 bet on the Bulls returns $410 in profit if the Bulls win the game.


The over/under (sometimes referred to as O/U, over-under or totals) is a betting option commonly associated with the total number of points scored by the two teams together. The bet doesn’t have anything to do with who wins or loses the game. Instead, the O/U is action on whether the total number of points scored by both teams will be over (i.e. higher than) the O/U number set by the bookmaker or under it (i.e. lower).

Spurs vs. Bulls | O/U 222.5

For a 222.5 over/under, bets pay out for the over only if the total number of points scored by both the Spurs and the Bulls is more than 222.5 (example: Spurs 124, Bull 111). On the other hand, bets on the under win if the total number of points is less than 222.5 (example: Spurs 100, Bulls 88.

How to Choose the Best NBA Betting Sites

While the final decision about which online NBA sportsbook to choose for NBA betting action comes down to personal preference, TopNJCasinos helps with that decision by featuring all the top online NBA betting sites in one place, plus the best news, info and NBA betting trends.

Our site also helps you compare the many different betting options and NBA betting lines so you can see all the types and varieties of bets the best online NBA bookmakers offer. This includes NBA regular season games betting lines, NBA playoffs betting lines and NBA Finals betting lines from the best bookmakers in New Jersey.

Sign-up bonuses are also an important part of the decision. Many NJ online sportsbooks offer various types and amounts of sign-up bonuses to help bettors make their choice. Our site helps you compare the different sign-up bonuses so you can ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and getting the highest returns possible from all of your NBA bets.

NBA Betting Site Reviews

TopNJCasinos is a trusted authority for in-depth reviews about the top online NBA betting sites in New Jersey. Our reviews are thorough and include essential information about the top online NBA betting sites such as overall user experience, payment methods accepted and NBA betting lines.

How to Bet on NBA Games

NBA games are fast-paced fun, but the overall goal for each of the two teams is quite simple: Put the ball in the basket. Knowing how to bet on NBA games is just as straightforward. Choose the NBA betting market that interests you. Select your preferred NBA bookmaker. Place a bet.

Like other sports, there are many NBA betting markets beyond the standard fare. These specialized markets include betting on individual player performances, such as the total number of points or rebounds by one player, as well as season-long cumulative stats by teams and players on the futures market such as which NBA player will lead the league in scoring or which NBA team will win the Western Conference.

NBA Betting Tips

All winning betting strategies are based on thorough research and painstaking analysis. The wealth of statistical information available for NBA bettors is staggering but it’s a vitally important tool to use when forming NBA betting plans. Always know the best players, the best coaches and situational conditions that could impact the final score because ultimately these three things are what can turn the biggest profits for sharp bettors.


Historically, success in the NBA is driven by the most talented and skilled players. Unlike other team sports with more positions on the field of play such as football, the NBA can and has been dominated by single outstanding players surrounded by capable support. In recent years, the rise of so-called super teams consisting of multiple all-NBA caliber players joining forces on one team has proven this point more than ever. Knowing the best overall players, along with their statistics and percentages, is an important piece of consistently winning NBA bets.


For the most part, gone are the days in the NBA of overbearing coaches who demand team unity and perfection. Instead, today’s NBA coaches are more like facilitators who are highly skilled at getting their best players in the right positions. Still, coaching is an important aspect of any team sport, and a coach’s track record and historical performance should always be accounted for when formulating NBA bets.

Situational Factors

Keep an eye on how players are playing in recent games is important as well as monitoring the list of players scheduled to sit out in games for injuries or even just scheduled rest. The 82-game regular season sees lots of ups and downs for even the best teams and players, so following what’s going on with the team can help take an NBA betting strategy to the next level

What are the Best NBA Bets?

  • Game Betting | Single game bets are a popular choice on the NBA betting market because there are many games and a host of opportunities to earn profits. NBA betting action can be had via the moneyline or the point spread. Another popular option for betting on NBA games is the O/U market.
  • NBA MVP | The NBA MVP award is the most prestigious award in basketball, and many bettors find it thrilling to back a player on the futures market to ultimately win the prize. It’s important to recognize the popularity of the player, how successful the team might be and other factors, such as injury history, before placing this type of bet.
  • NBA Finals | The betting action heats up as the best teams begin to compete for the NBA championship, and when the NBA Finals comes around the action is the hottest. The NBA Finals is a seven-game series between the winner of each conference. Bettors can wager on single games, the overall series and numerous props.
  • In-Play Bets |NBA games offer exciting in-play betting opportunities. In-play bets are those where bets are made while the game is still being played. It’s especially exciting in NBA games because there can be such huge swings in scores, so making the right in-game NBA bet at the right time can end up paying huge dividends.

Where Can I Bet on the NBA Legally?

Never again be fooled by illegal, offshore sportsbooks. TopNJCasinos is the best place to learn important information about how to legally bet on NBA games and how to legally bet on the NBA Finals. There’s myriad opportunities for safe and legal NBA betting options in New Jersey, and all of the sites reviewed here are fully licensed, trusted and secure.


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