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By Adam Thompson

TopNJCasinos is the premier destination for those seeking information about the best legal NFL betting sites including NFL betting lines, NFL betting trends and NFL sportsbook reviews. New Jersey is home to some of the top NFL online betting sites in the US, and we provide you the most accurate and complete NFL sportsbook reviews as well as up-to-date news and information on NFL betting trends.

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Online NFL Betting

Since being founded in 1920 in Canton, Ohio, the NFL has exploded in popularity into one of the most sports popular leagues in the world. The premier destination for American football fans and enthusiasts, games played between the 32 different teams comprising the NFL are tremendously popular in the betting community.

The NFL ranks fifth among domestic professional sports leagues in the world by total attendance, and the annual championship games played between a member of each of the NFL’s two conferences, the Super Bowl, is a top attraction for bettors every year.

NFL Betting Lines

The most important aspect of learning how to bet on NFL games is knowledge and understanding of NFL betting lines. Knowing the difference between point spreads, the moneyline and over/unders will lead to successful bets with the top NFL betting sites in no time.

Point Spread

The point spread is the most common type of bet in high scoring sports such as football. Setting a point spread allows bookmakers the ability to go beyond simple win/loss outcomes, such as those offered via moneyline bets, and instead focus on margins of victory.

When making a point spread bet, the favorite for the game is noted by the minus symbol (-). That team must win by more than that number of points for bets to pay out. The underdog for the game is noted by the plus symbol (+). Bets placed on the underdog payout as long as the team at loses by less than that number of points or wins outright. An example:

Cowboys -10 | Giants +10

In order for bets on the Cowboys to pay out, Dallas must win the contest by more than 10 points. For bets on the Giants to payout, they must do anything but lose by more than 10 points.


The moneyline is set by the bookmaker and determines winnings based on a $100 bet. The negative number indicates which team is favored to win and is the dollar amount one must wager to win $100. The positive number indicates the underdog and is the dollar amount one can win on a $100 wager.

Dallas Cowboys -400 | New York Giants +300

In order to win $100 in profit backing the Cowboys, a wager of $400 must be placed on Dallas. By comparison, a $100 bet on the New York Giants would return $300 in profit should the Giants pull the upset.


Betting the over/under (sometimes referred to as O/U, over-under or totals) is as simple as determining if a sportsbook’s prediction for a specific game statistic is too high or too low. The most common type of over/under for NFL games is on the total number of points scored by both teams.

Placing a bet on the over/under has nothing to do with who wins the game. The only question to answer is whether the total number of points scored is over or under the O/U number set by the bookmaker.

Cowboys vs. Giants | O/U 38.5

This betting option is for the total number of points scored by the Cowboys and Giants. If the Cowboys win 30-10, bets placed on the over option win because 30 + 10 = 40 (one and a half points over the 38.5 O/U).

NFL Betting Line Example

Sometimes NFL betting lines are listed together. The following is an example that includes all three types of NFL betting lines. The Cowboys are -10 via the point spread, -400 for moneyline bets and the O/U is 38.5. Note that betting on the spread or over/under also involves a component of moneyline betting, as you will be betting more than $100 to win $100 in those bets.

Cowboys-10 (-110)-400O 38.5 (-110)
Giants+10 (-110)+300U 38.5 (-108)

How to Choose the Best NFL Betting Sites

Where can I bet on NFL games legally? That’s a common question asked by people looking for safe, secure and verified NFL betting sites. TopNJCasinos is a trusted resource for finding this information along with accurate and trustworthy NFL betting sites reviews.

When selecting an NFL sportsbook, it’s important to choose one that offers the types and varieties of bets with the greatest values. Comparing both the types of betting options offered by top NFL betting sites as well as the different odds for specific matchups can help you avoid common pitfalls while maximizing potential winnings.

Which NFL sportsbooks offer the best sign-up bonuses? That’s another important question sharp bettors consider when looking for online NFL betting action. Our site makes it easy to compare sign-up bonuses offered by the top betting sites in New Jersey.

While the final decision about which NFL sportsbook to use usually comes down to personal preference, having up-to-date and relevant information about the best NFL betting sites in one place helps with the decision and ensures only safe and legal sites are being considered.

NFL Betting Site Reviews

TopNJCasinos is the best place to find in-depth reviews covering everything NFL bettors need to know about safe and legal online NFL betting sites. Our reviews include the most essential information about user experience, types of payment methods accepted and the variety of NFL betting lines offered.

How to Bet on NFL Games

Knowing how to bet on NFL games is as simple as choosing which market interests you, selecting the sportsbook and placing your stake.

More specialized markets include individual player performances, such as rushing yards or touchdowns scored during a single game, or season-long performances by teams or players on the futures market such as which play will end up the leading NFL passer.

NFL Betting Tips

There are many things to consider when choosing the best NFL bets. Research is vitally important along with an understanding of the hottest NFL betting trends.

Player History and Current Statistics

Following the NFL as closely as possible helps ensure bets made with top NFL bookmakers can be made as confidently as possible. Understanding the NFL’s key players, statistical leaders and historical performance metrics can help ensure successful NFL bets lead to long-term profits.

Coaching and Training Considerations

Coaching and training are sometimes overlooked when novice bettors enter the world of team sports. But the best NFL betting strategy includes consideration about the ability and track records of the coaches involved. While players play a vitally important to the success or failure of any given season, it’s coaching that can take a team to the next level.

Weather and Situational Factors

Weather and other situational factors, such as one team still being in the playoff hunt playing another who is no longer eligible, can also have a huge impact on NFL game results and should always be considered in one’s personal NFL betting strategy.

Moreover, a team that relies heavily on the pass could struggle in games played in extreme weather and a team with great runners could see their chance to the win the game bolstered in slippery conditions such as snow or rain.

What are the Best NFL Bets?

The best NFL bets are the ones that win, but consistently placing winning bets is something that can only be accomplished with knowledge and understanding about the common types of NFL bets offered by the best NFL sportsbooks.

  • Game Betting | Bets made on single games are one of the most popular NFL betting options. Bets can be made on the winner of the game or on game totals as offered by the bookmaker.
  • MVP | Betting on the eventual winner of the NFL MVP award can be made on the NFL futures market. The risks for this type of bet are usually higher but so are the potential payouts.
  • Super Bowl | The Super Bowl brings in some of the hottest betting action of the entire year and includes game betting along with a myriad of prop bets and specials.
  • Statistical Leaders | Betting on NFL statistical leaders via the futures market is another popular betting option on the NFL betting market and includes prop bets on players becoming the leading passer, rusher or receiver for the season.

Where Can I Bet on NFL Legally?

Don’t be fooled by illegal, offshore sportsbooks with big promises. There are safe and legal NFL betting options in New Jersey, and TopNJCasinos only includes these top NFL betting sites, ones that are fully licensed, trusted, secured and legal in the state of New Jersey.


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