Betting On Super Bowl In NJ

By Adam Thompson

A lot of people wonder where to bet on the Super Bowl. The most popular method is online. There are plenty of legal and safe sites in New Jersey that make it easy to bet. If this is all new to you, let’s teach you how to get started betting on the biggest sporting event in North America.

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Online Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s championship game. More than 100 million people watch it in the United States alone and many of them have some type of action on the game, whether it’s fantasy, pools or bets. If you’re thinking of picking a winner in the big game, here’s what you need to know.

Super Bowl Betting Lines

Before you start placing Super Bowl bets online, it’s important to know the main options as well as how the betting odds work. Let’s take a closer look at three examples:

Point Spread

The point spread is the most popular way to bet on the Super Bowl. You’ll typically see a betting line that looks like this:

New England -2.5 | Green Bay +2.5

This concerns margin of victory. If there’s a minus sign in front of the number, that indicates the margin that the favored team has to cover. Here we see New England -2.5, which means they need to win by three or more for you to win your bet. Green Bay covers if it loses by one or two, or if it wins outright.


A moneyline is a bet on the outright winner. You might see a line like this:

New England -250

Green Bay +200

In this case the minus number is the amount of money you’d have to bet to win $100. So betting $250 on New England would win back your original amount plus $100. On the other hand, a plus sign tells you the amount you’d win if you bet $100. In this case, betting $100 on Green Bay would net back your original amount plus $200.


The totals, or over/under, is the combined points. You might see a line like 52.5. If the teams combine to score 53 or more points, that’s an over, otherwise it’s an under.

How to Choose the Best Super Bowl Betting Sites

Sign Up Bonuses And Super Bowl Promotions

New Jersey Sportsbooks offer great bonuses for new customers, so make sure you’re getting some good incentives when you sign up. That can range from extra cash into your account to free plays, or other types of bonuses.During the Super Bowl, books often have extra offers – deposits, betting lines or contests – so keep an eye out for those too.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

One of the best aspects of the Super Bowl are the props. These side bets make the event more entertaining. These wagers are on things like who’ll score the first touchdown, who’ll be the game MVP and which song will start the halftime performance.

Some of the best online Super Bowl betting sportsbooks have just a few of those while others offer up a huge variety. The more lines the better, as it gives you more opportunities to win.

Super Bowl Betting Site Reviews

TopNJCasinos compiles comprehensive reviews of legal sportsbooks for New Jersey residents. We spend time evaluating every legal online betting site available, rating them based on a number of key factors such as our experience with them, their payment methods and examining their betting lines.

How to Bet on Super Bowl Games

To bet on the Super Bowl, the first thing you’ll need is an account at a legal online sportsbook. TopNJCasinos has a full list of recommendations, so choose the one that fits your needs the most. Once you’ve registered and opened an account (it takes just a couple of minutes), then fund your account. Take advantage of the deposit bonus as all sportsbooks give you a boost on your first deposit. From there, visit the NFL section to find the Super Bowl lines, click on the team you like and confirm your bet. It’s as easy as that.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

Study the Matchup

A good starting point is to understand the matchup. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of each team and examine how they go up against each other. Is one team an offensive juggernaut but weak defensively? Does one team have a strong running game but struggles passing? Check the stats.


Having played in the Super Bowl is often a big advantage. It’s a big stage with the whole world watching, so players and coaches who have been there before tend to have an edge over ones making their first appearance.

Survey All of the Betting Lines

One of the greatest advantages of betting the Super Bowl is that sportsbooks post a slew of different betting lines beyond the point spread and total. This gives you an advantage as you can see where there’s value. Study the player props, team props and alternate Super Bowl betting lines to see where you can get an edge.

Live Bet During the Super Bowl

Sometimes it’s hard to get a good read of what’s going to happen before the game. That’s why live betting offers such a great advantage. Instead of betting pregame, wait to watch a quarter or two to gather some intel. Once you’ve seen how the game is unfolding, bet the live line.

Early Super Bowl Lines

Everyone will eventually have a Super Bowl line up, along with the spreads, totals and props. But some sportsbooks open up the lines right away after the AFC and NFC Championship Games while others wait a day or two. The same goes with the props. There are two weeks between the Championship Games and the Super Bowl.

The earlier the lines get up, the more you get a chance to wager before the odds move.

Have Multiple Accounts

It always makes sense to have multiple sports betting accounts, especially during the Super Bowl. Different sportsbooks have different lines. You can compare different lines and determine which one is the best value – why bet the favorite at -3.5 if you can find it at -2 elsewhere? Having multiple accounts doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll earn a bigger payday.

What are the Best Super Bowl Bets?

  • Spread | The point spread, or margin of victory at the Super Bowl.
  • Moneyline | You predict the outright winner of the Super Bowl.
  • Total | Or the over-under, the combined score of the two teams.
  • Player Props | These Super Bowl prop bets focus on individual players, such as yards gained, touchdowns scored, etc.
  • Team Props | These focus on team performance such as total passing yards, will either team score three consecutive times, etc.
  • Halftime Props | These focus on the halftime music performance.
  • Coin Toss Props | Heads or tails?
  • MVP Props | Who will be Super Bowl Most Valuable player?
  • Gatorade Props | The winning coach is usually doused in Gatorade by his players, and you can bet on the color of the liquid.

Where Can I Bet on the Super Bowl Legally?

Now that you know how to bet the Super Bowl, it’s time to choose. TopNJSportsbook reviews and rates the top sportsbooks for New Jersey residents. Offshore books are illegal, so we advise you to avoid those and stick to the ones that are safe and licensed to operate in New Jersey.


A successful handicapper with more than a decade in the sports and gambling industry, Adam enjoys writing about (and playing) poker.

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